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Black Warpath Blender Bottle Protein Shaker

Black Warpath Blender Bottle Protein Shaker


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If you're on the Warpath with your training, then you need our new Warpath branded Blender Bottle. This is a high quality Blender Bottle that is built for the wear and tear of a brutal training session. It is made of durable plastic, has a tight sealing lid, and comes with a travel loop that is great for hooking on to your gym bag or travel bag with a hook or carabiner.

The Warpath Skull is proudly printed in orange on the side with oz/ml measurement on the clear part of the bottle. Each bottle comes with a Blender Ball for mixing up the even most clumpy proteins and pre-workouts.

This bottle is perfect for protein, BCAAs, pre-workouts, plain water, or all of them throughout the day.

Warpath up.
Apply discipline.

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