The Brand

Warpath55 is a brand dedicated to those who choose strength over weakness.
Hard work over comfort.
Ownership over entitlement.
Discipline over short-cut seeking.

We understand that anything of value in life is worth suffering for.

We choose a life of purpose and honor over binge watching TV shows and fast food.

We represent those who spend early mornings underneath a barbell, late nights on the jiu-jitsu mat, and long hours on the running trail.

We are the soldiers of strength waging war on the plague of weakness.

Join us on the Warpath.


Our Story

 In 2004 strength coach Steve “Stu” Studer passed away unexpectedly from an unidentified heart condition after an early morning training session. Coach Stu was the first strength coach for the legendary Massillon Tiger Football Team and founder of the Torture Chamber Lifting Club. He lived a life of discipline and honor, and believed that you must combat weakness daily to find fulfillment and purpose. He dedicated his life to spreading these ideals to the athletes he trained. The “55” in our brand name honors Coach Stu, who wore the number during his days as a football player for the Massillon Tigers and Bowling Green State University. 55 is currently the only number that is retired as Massillon in honor of Coach Stu.

Coach Stu’s ideals are now being passed on by his son, current Massillon Strength Coach, and Warpath55 owner, Dan Studer. Dan personally designs every piece of Warpath55 apparel and works with a small group of hard workers that screen print, warehouse, and ship all of our gear here in Massillon, Ohio. 

We are a locally owned brand and we are proud of that.

Our goal is to provide the best quality apparel, at an affordable price, that represents the lifestyle of those on the Warpath.

Warpath up.

Apply discipline.