Warpath Training Challenge

 The Warpath Training Challenge is a 10 week strength training program, nutritional plan, and guide to improving self discipline. 

By purchasing the challenge you will receive the following...

The Challenge is progressive, meaning it will start relatively easily and get harder as it progresses.

The challenge will consist of 3-5 workouts a week that should only take about one hour and fifteen minutes depending on how much rest you take and how much bullshitting you do between sets.

The program starts with only 3 lifting days. A few weeks into the program it will progress to 3 lifting days and a cardio day. Eventually it will be 3 lifting days and 2 cardio days toward the end of the challenge. The program will never have more than 5 workouts per week and nothing should take longer than one hour and fifteen minutes if done properly.

The Challenge will cost $150.00.

$50 of that money is for the programming, the software, and weekly podcasts. That is stupid cheap for everything that you are getting.

The additional $100 is what I call a dedication fee. This is money that you can get back. If you complete 90% of all the workouts and submit your results on the app then I will refund your $100 at the end of the Challenge.

Workouts will be programmed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week. 1 Cardio day will be added on Tuesday about a month into the Challenge. Eventually a second cardio day will be added on Saturday toward the end of the Challenge. The days that I program the workouts are the best days to do them, but you have the freedom to do the workouts on any days that fit your schedule. However, you must have the work for that week completed by Sunday night and submitted into the app for it to count. You can’t miss a whole week and get 6 workouts in the next week. That’s not safe or productive.

I don’t care how much you lift or how fast you complete the workouts. If you only lift an empty barbell for 10 weeks, then you still get the money back. The idea here is to show up, do the work, submit the results on the app, get better in the process, and earn your money back.

The $100 serves 2 purposes.

1: I hope that with a little more financial skin in the game, it will give you the incentive to stick with it and get better.

2: If you’re not willing to put $100 down to improve yourself, then you won’t be willing to finish 10 weeks of work anyway. That would waste both of our time. And although I don’t want to waste your time, I really don’t want you to waste my time.

 Some of you may be thinking, couldn’t we just fill out fake results in the app and Stu would never know if I workout or not? The answer is yes, you could lie about working out and still get your money back. Occasionally I may ask for a video of your workouts, but that would only be maybe once a week at best. We are working on the honor code here. But if you are the type of pathetic loser that would lie about something intended to make you better, then keep your money and keep living a miserable existence. That’s on you.


Now just to be clear, I don’t want your $100. I want you to be successful. So if you fail to do 90% of the workouts, I’m not going to keep your money, I am going to donate it to the Massillon Strength and Conditioning Program. So even though the $100 may not make you better, at least it will make my kids better.

First off, our three core lifts will be the back squat, bench press, and hang clean. So you need to have a good understanding of how to do those lifts.


In addition to that, you will need to know how to do the following exercises at lighter loads.


Power clean
Power snatch

DB Snatch

KB Swing


Shoulder presses and jerks

Front squats


Wall balls


We will do lots of calisthenics like push-ups, pull-ups, burpees, box jumps, and jump ropes (so you will need a jump rope)


We will also do a good variation of non-technical body building type lifts, like DB curls, DB bench, pull-downs, etc.


You will need a place to work out, and although a full gym is ideal, this can be done in a gym from your house.


The essential equipment however, is

A barbell

Plates (preferably bumper plates for the sake of your floor)

A decent amount of dumbbells

A pull-up bar

A medicine ball (although you can get creative with that)

A jump rope

A cable machine is preferred but not necessary


If you have those things, you’re good to go.


As far as programming the workouts, each day we will have a strength focus with our core lifts (squat, bench and clean) that usually takes 20-30 minutes. Essentially you will do 5-6 sets of a given rep scheme at your own pace.  Once the core lift is completed we will either do some type of work:rest interval, a tempo’d body building style workout, or a metabolic conditioning workout. These workouts are done hard and fast, with little rest. This is to recruit more motor units, stimulate muscle growth and test the mind. Plus it’s a lot of fun.


Everything that I program is scalable and modifiable, so don’t worry about running into something you can’t handle. If you are unsure about a lift or think a weight is too heavy, change the lift or lighten the weight. Although one of the goals of this program is to improve mental toughness, you will not be judged or lose the challenge because you did not finish a workout or do the prescribed weight. You could show up for 10 weeks and lift an empty barbell and still earn your money back. The idea here is to show up, do the best you can, get incredibly uncomfortable (whatever that is for you), and get better in the process. I want everyone to succeed and will gladly work with you to do so.