Warpath Training


I am building an online men’s training group called the Warpath Lifting Club. I’m looking for men that are committed to training and have the drive to not only improve themselves, but support other men in the group.

Here’s how it works.

From March 19th- April 1st I will be accepting applicants for the Club. This comes with $300 initiation fee that will get you access to 3 months of programming, our group chat, training videos, online coaching, podcasts about the Warpath Mentality, tracking software, and a group of like-minded men striving to better themselves. All of this will be accessible to you on your phone through the TeamBuildr App, which is the best strength training software on the market today.

The Initiation fee gets you 3 months of training. This is the Initiation period and does NOT guarantee acceptance into the Club. How you train, interact with the group, and display commitment to the program will determine if you pass the Initiation process. This is not based on performance, strength, or conditioning levels. It is based on effort, consistency, and how you interact with Club members. I am looking for men that will be dedicated to improving themselves and other Club members. If you skip workouts, make excuses, act like a prick, or become a problem within the group, you will NOT pass the initiation process and your access to training and the group will be revoked. 

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS and I will remove you from the program at any time I see fit if you become a problem in the Club chat or otherwise. To be clear, you will never be removed from the program for a lack of strength, technique, conditioning level, or other performance metrics. You WILL be removed or fail to become an official Club member if you do not give proper effort, have a shitty attitude, lack commitment, or otherwise become a pain in the ass.

If you successfully pass the Initiation program, you will be invited to be a full-time member of the Club. Club members will gain access to the Warpath Lifting Club Group Chat and our annual training program. Club fees are $20 a month that must be paid in 3 month increments (1 training cycle: $60). You can cancel your membership at any time, or pause the membership if something unexpected arises. However, if you take too long of a break from training, then you must reapply to be a member, including the initiation fee.

Every 3 months we will take applications for another Initiation Program.

THE INITIATION FEE IS $300.00 and there are NO REFUNDS.

Considering the time it has taken me to design this program, test the workouts over 3 years, create videos and tutorials, write and record podcasts, and give you coaching for 3 months, this is a STUPID CHEAP price. I keep it cheap because I want to help other men get stronger and I want to be able to tell people to screw off if they are being a prick.

We will be accepting no more than 20 applicants for this Initiation Class (Class 002).

Here is a comprehensive list of the exercises you will need to perform to complete the training. Some modifications can be made, but if you cannot perform more than 2-3 of these exercises, this training is not for you.

You MUST have access to a gym that allows you to do Olympic lifting, heavy back squats, make strange noises, potentially vomit, and other similar behaviors that go along with HARD WORK. If you go to one of those “judgment free” gyms where an alarm goes off if you drop a weight, this is most likely not for you.

This program requires basic experience in the following exercises:

Barbell Back Squat

Bench Press

Dead Lift

Clean (power and squat cleans from the floor) and Hang Clean

Snatch (power snatch)

Clean and Jerk


Basic bodyweight movements like burpees, push ups, sit ups, etc.

Although mastery of these lifts are not required, the importance of good form cannot be overstated and safety is the first priority while training.

This training program requires the following equipment:

Barbell and plates (preferably bumpers for the sake of your gym floor)

Dumbbells (you don't need a whole set, something from 20-50 lbs depending on strength, and we use a 60-80 lb for heavy carries too)

Kettle Bells (if you don't have these, dumbbells will work fine)

Bench (a bench that inclines is preferred but modifications can be made)

Squat Rack

Pull Up Bar

Jump Rope

Cable pull down machine (we can work around this if you don’t have one)

Medicine Ball (or something roughly 12-20 pounds you can safely throw)

A 20-24” box or ledge that you can jump on or over.

Space to run 200 meters (a door to get outside or a hallway you can run down is ideal, but you could also do “laps” that equal 200m in the gym)

The Annual Program consists of four 3 month cycles. A 3 month cycle consists of 12 different Interval workouts, 12 different metabolic conditioning workouts, and 12 different upper body days. We have 2 different 3 month cycles that we repeat once a year. It looks like this.

Cycle 1: Jan-March

Cycle 2: April-June

Cycle 1 repeat: July-September

Cycle 2 repeat: October-December

The beauty of this training is that once you've completed two full cycles, you compete with your "old self" in every workout. Our training software tracks everything and allows you to see progress every time you train. Each workout gives you an opportunity to improve by a few reps or a few seconds. Over time you get in remarkable shape.

The Initiation program consists of the first 3 month cycle.

Here are a few examples of our workouts.

On Monday we do barbell back squat and High Intensity Intervals. Here is an example of an interval.


On Wednesday we do only upper body lifts. This is what you might consider a standard weight training day. Here is a typical Wednesday workout.

On Friday we do cleans (hang cleans or power cleans depending on the cycle) and then a longer metabolic conditioning workout (aka: Metcon). Here is an example of a metcon workout.


If you think this program is right for you, you can sign up below.


The Initiation program will begin Monday April 2, 2023 if you are accepted.