Habit Tracker and Daily Progress Calendar.

Habit Trackers and Daily Progress Calendars are just some of the ways that I help track my good habits, monitor my discipline and progress, and also stay motivated to keep working at my purpose.

For a full description of Habit Trackers and Daily Progress Calendars, listen to episode 4 of the Warpath55 Podcast.

I like to use Dot Grid Journals. Here are a few I've used in the past.
My favorite is the Ghost Grid Journal because it's bigger, is spiral bound so you can fold the pages over, and has thick quality paper for an amazing price.
Ghost Grid Journal

I've also used the smaller, Hustler journal. This one is a bit more refined and has more of a journal feel to it. This thing is sturdy, has amazing heavy paper with no bleed through, and also has a nifty pen holder on the spine.

The Hustler's Classic Notebook

Lots of people use the Leuchtturm Bullet Journal and say they are pretty awesome. I've never had one, but I'm assuming it's similar to the Hustler Journal.

Leuchtturm Bullet Journal

Habit Tracker

Here are two ways to set up your Habit Tracker.

This first one is what I prefer to use, simply because I like to see it organized into weeks like actual calendar.

This is what I'm tracking for January. I generally do 3 or 4 things a month, just so it doesn't get out of control and become a chore. I want to enjoy tracking, not dread it.

The Learn habit is any time I read a book, watch an instructional video, learn a new skill or style of coaching, or whatever.

The Train habit is any time I break a sweat and get out of breathe.

The Create Habit is anytime I do something creative, draw a tee design, write a podcast, make a blog post, or create a new workout.

Diet is that days that I follow my diet plan.

Another way would be to set it up like this.

This way would help you see consecutive chains, but makes it a little harder to see what day of the week you are on. If I were to use this, I would probably put the letter of each day of the week above the date.

Daily Progress Calendar

Here is how I set up my Daily Progress Calendar.

Like I said on the Podcast, I try to write things down that are not related directly to what I'm tracking with the Habit Tracker, but is still something that progresses my purpose. It could be a victory or just overcoming some type of adversity.

I tend to put both my Habit Trackers and Daily Progress Calendar on the same page so I can knock them out at the same time. My monthly page looks like this.

Hope this helps out with your journal. If you have any questions, reach out to me through our contact page.

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