Warpath Training Challenge

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The Warpath Training Challenge is a 10 week strength training program, nutritional plan, and guide to improving self discipline. 

$50.00 of your purchase goes towards the program and training software.
$100.00 of your purchase is considered a "Dedication Fee" and will be refunded if you complete 90% of the total workouts over the 10 weeks.

By purchasing the challenge you will get the following.

10 week membership to our Training Software/Smart Phone App.
10 weeks of a progressive Strength and Conditioning program.
10 weeks of Nutritional Guidelines
Weekly Podcasts about workouts, nutrition, and the Warpath Mentality

Not sure if this is for you? Email Coach Stu at warpathstrength55@gmail.com or visit the Warpath Training Challenge Page for more information and to listen to the Podcast.